Adyen HQ, Amsterdam

Belichting Adyen Beersnielsen
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Lighting design beersnielsen
lichtontwerp Beersnielsen
Verlichting Adyen Beersnielsen
Lichtontwerp Beersnielsen
Lichting designers Beersnielsen
Lichtontwerp Beersnielsen Tank
Uitlichten Beersnielsen
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Lighting designers Beersnielsen

In 2021 Adyen opened its headquarters in the former Hudson’s Bay department store in Amsterdam.
The office reflects the core values of Adyen: transparent, open, straightforward. In the lighting design Beersnielsen emphasises the openness and transparency of the spaces.

Due to its high floors and sufficient space for installation, minor changes were needed to the casco. However, the interior went through a transformation by Amsterdam based interior designer TANK, which took Adyen’s core values as inspiration while respecting the precious ‘department-store feeling’ and the clients wish to re-use materials. All floors remained open to let in plenty of daylight and provide space for abundant greenery. This has translated into a design that offers a versatile, personal and professional interior with flexible and sustainable workplaces.

Lighting wise, a remarkable choice was made: the former department store lighting, only being some two years old, was incorporated into the design strategy and applied throughout the building.

Fortunately, the existing track spots were fitted with a 3500K LED chip and a medium beam angle, which allowed for application both as functional and accent light, providing a vivid lighting environment with accents on furniture, plants, walls and floor throughout the building.

A consistent grid was designed with the re-used, suspended, 3-phase tracks which enables accent lighting where needed and blends in with the interior design.

All desks have been provided with appropriate, functional workspace lighting to meet the NEN standards for workspaces. Consisting of suspended, linear profiles with diffused light and a microprism cover, the lines of light follow desk arrangements and strengthen the interior design statement.    

The Adyen office is directly connected to a metro station. This allows workers to enter the building through the basement. The meeting spaces on this floor are made of glass bricks which shine as  lanterns thanks to the special interior lighting which is applied behind the walls.
This is also the space where neon like light lines are put in a graphic arrangement to mark the event space where company gatherings take place. 

The hanging planters and holes in floors make connections to other floors and are outlined with linear lights. This contributes to the overall atmosphere by providing a soft and warm light.

The absolute eye-catchers are the wooden staircases in both buildings. The steel constructions containing a sculptural, wooden staircase invite workers to encounter and to interact. The stairs are lit with integrated lighting only in a warm white light tone which creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The platforms have an individual light fixture to enhance the homey feeling.

Fotography: Teo Krijgsman Photoworks

Winner of LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023: Workplace Lighting Design