Forum, Utrecht

The transformation of the Utrecht Station Area is a huge project. Forum Zuid is part of this complicated infrastructural hub. It connects the Rabo bridge, which crosses the train tracks, the Rabobank, the Beatrix Building, the bicycle parking, the tram and train terminal.

GROUP A architects asked Beersnielsen for a lighting design which reflects the main themes ‘connecting and staying’. Due to the high building density, the Forum exposes an enclosed character and could be considered being an urban interior.

The lighting design is characterized by the flowing line of streetlights which follows the planters. These lights guide you over the Forum. The dimension of the streetlights and the meandering lines make the hub a nice place to stay and to pass, even during the dark hours.

To match the many surrounding high buildings the streetlights are higher than normal. Eight meters instead of six. To increase the guiding function of lights, led lines have been build in the railings.

Architect: GROUP A
Day light photos: GROUP A