Park Paviljoen Hoge Veluwe

Chandelier for bezoekerscentrum hoge veluwe designed by Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

Parc Pavilion Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe is an elongated and curved building which houses a restaurant, a shop, education and reception areas. Key factor in its design, both exterior and interior, has been nature. It is closely connected with the surrounding forest.

An important part of Beersnielsen’s lighting design are the nine chandeliers in the first public area. The algorithms of the lighting sources create a reflection at the curved roof that looks like the sun between the leaves in a summer forest. It is a form of biophilic design, which reinforces contact between people and nature by incorporating elements of nature into the built environment. The constant calmly moving shadow patterns give visitors an outdoor feeling.

We have been responsible for the lighting design in the whole building. Since it is a very transparent building, contrast and a natural feeling were key design elements.

We worked in close cooperation with the architects De Zwarte Hond, Monadnock and interior designer Bart Vos.

Photograhy: Stijn Bollaert

It is difficult to describe an experience, so here is a small movie about  the chandeliers.