Beersnielsen icons Zwart Jan en Noordmolenstraat

The making of the Zwart Janstraat

The making of the icons for the lighting plan for the Zwart Jan and Noordmolenstraat in Rotterdam. More info about this urban project at Beersnielsen / portoflio.

Beersnielsen belicht Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Femmes Fatales

Femmes Fatales in Gemeentemuseum

Last week we have been busy lighting out the exhibition Femmes Fatales in the Gemeentemuseum. Omroep West filmed the making of. Volkskrant article. More info

Beersnielsen belicht cafe Bijenkorf Rotterdam

Bijenkorf Cafe Rotterdam

In the ongoing refurbishment of the Bijenkorf Rotterdam we finished lighting out the cafe at the ground floor.

The making of De Bolder in Den Helder

The Making of the Bolder

In this movie Marc Ruygrok tells all about the making of De Bolder in Den Helder.
You can read more about this project in our portfolio.

Beersnielsen at lights in Alingsas

Workshop Alingsas

Last september Beersnielsen’s Juliette and Mieke were workshop heads at Lights in Alingsas. A week of hard work with their team started with a presentation. Portfolio / facebook

Sao Paulo LED Forum 2018 Mieke van der Velden lighting designer at Beersnielsen

LED Forum, Sao Paulo

Beersnielsen’s Mieke van der Velden has been asked to give a lecture at the 9th Led Forum in Sao Paulo. The topic she chose was ‘Light and materials, creating moments of wonder’.

Beersnielsen at work de Bolder in Den helder

Lighting the Bolder

Testing the lighting of the Bolder in Den Helder. This huge art object with text in relief forms a nice lighting challenge. Our plan is ready, now we have to wait for implementation.

Bolder Den Helder, beersnielsen assisted Marc Ruygrok

De Bolder, Den Helder

During the ‘Stadshart op koers‘ party in Den Helder, the Bolder has been revealed. Beersnielsen assisted Marc Ruygrok and will be responsible for lighting out this huge art object.

Beersnielsen lichtontwerp Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg at Architectenweb

The new office of the Big Green Egg is at Architectenweb. We were responsible for the lighting design of this attractive office building.
Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

Beersnielsen licht Zadkine uit met Led

LED Light for Zadkine

A LED fixture from 100 metre above now puts a light on ‘De Verwoeste Stad’  from Zadkine.


Beersnielsen in L+D Magazine - Hotel QO Amsterdam

Hotel QO in L+D Magazine

One of our latest project Hotel QO in Amsterdam has been published in L+D Magazine #69.
L+D #69

Beersnielsen lighting designers

New team

We are happy with our new team of lighting designers and we’d like to congratulate Iris and Dieuwertje with the completion of their degree as lighting designer and Wim as industrial designer.

Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers lichtplan voor Focus Filmtheater

Opening Focus Filmtheater Arnhem

Friday 15th 2018,Focus Filmtheater in Arnhem opened it’s doors with a big big party. The lighting design of the public is made by Beersnielsen.
read more

Lichtplan Schielandshuis Rotterdam door Beersnielsen Lichtontwerpers

Testing lighting design Schielandshuis

The famous Schielandshuis in the center of Rotterdam is hidden between huge office buildings and hardly can be found.
read more

Lichtontwerp winkelgebied Beverwijk door Beersnielsen Lichtontwerpers

Projections Breestraat Beverwijk

The last component of our lighting design for the Breestraat in Beverwijk has been installed. The gobo -projections, created by artist Lenneke van der Goot, can now be seen at the city center.

Chandelier for bezoekerscentrum hoge veluwe designed by Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

Testing for visitor’s centre Hoge Veluwe

Testing the reflections for the roof of the new to build multifunctional visitor’s centre Hoge Veluwe.
Beersnielsen is desiging a chandelier which reflects patterns from nature on the curved roof.

Beersnielsen Lights in Alingsas

Lights in Alingsås

In March Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van der Velden were in Alingsås to prepare the workshop they wil give in september during Lights in Alingsås.

Lichtontwerp De Vereeniging Nijmegen door Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

De Vereeniging, new phase

We started working on a new phase of the interior and the exterior of De Vereeniging in Nijmegen.

Louis Kalff Lighting Inspiration for Beersnielsen Lighting designers

Inspiration in L+D Magazine

The work of Dutch designer en lighting designer Louis Kalff from the early 20th century is a source of inspiration for Beersnielsen’s Sjoerd van Beers. He bought some woodcuts made by Louis Kalff and posted them on FacebookL+D Magazine from Brasil noticed his post and asked Sjoerd to write about it in L+D Magazine.
You can read the article at:

Working in a new museum

Last week, Beersnielsen worked on the ‘Gonzalez, Picasso and friends‘ exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag. read more

Beersnielsen belicht stoom-zeilschip De Bonaire in droogdok

Steamship The Bonaire, Den Helder

The renovated steam-and-sail ship The Bonaire is situated in the dry-dock at the old navy yard Willemsoord in Den Helder. Beersnielsen illuminated this proud, beautiful vessel.

City at eye level_lichtontwerpers Beersnielsen

Opening City at Eye Level

City at Eye Level is a game developed by the municipality of Rotterdam, housing cooperation Havensteder and Stipo for the ZOHO area in Rotterdam. Eight teams made creative plans for the plinths and the adjacent outdoor space in this developing neighborhood. read more

Beersnielsen_lichtontwerp zwartjanstraat Rotterdam

Lichtjesstraat Rotterdam

The Zwartjanstraat en the Noordmolenstraat are famous shopping streets in the north of Rotterdam. read more

Beersnielsen belicht Maelwael in Rijksmuseum

Review Maelwael in Rijksmuseum

Light is quite often a very important factor in creating an art exhibition. read more

Beersnielsen belicht hofbogen ZOHO

Experimenting in our own backyard

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful summer evening we ‘played’ with light in a few underpasses at our own Hofbogen. Together with Paula Arntzen from Studio Arntzen we have been assigned to give a boost to the Hofbogen. At the moment we are experimenting with colors and patterns … to be continued ….

Oostplein verlicht, Oostplein

Uplifting a boring, dark and unpleasant square with light is – in our opinion – a fantastic challenge! read more

Beersnielsen joins Museum Lighting Symposium

Museum Lighting Symposium

Next to assignments at an urban scale, or interior assignments, museum lighting is an important part of our portfolio. read more

Rijksmuseum Schiphol belicht door Beersnielsen

Rijksmuseum Schiphol

Rijksmuseum is back at Schiphol Airport. This branch of the Rijksmuseum is now situated in a glass box at the completely renovated Holland Boulevard. read more

Collectiegebouw Boijmans Beuningen, lichtplan door Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

Collectiegebouw Boijmans Beuningen

At this moment, the foundation of the Collection Building of Museum Boijmans Beuningen has been completed. read more

Exceed, Chris van Hoogdalem

Exceed! 2017

We already wrote about the Jan Schoonhoven exhibition in Museum Prinsenhof in Delft, this exhibition/project now has been followed by an exhibition at Exceed 2017!. read more

Jaarboek Landschap/Stedenbouw

Two Beersnielsen projects made it to The Jaarboek Landschapsarchitectuur en Stedenbouw this year. read more

Villa vijversburg

Exactly one year ago we were testing several lighting options on the exterior and in the garden of Villa Vijversburg, situated close to Leeuwarden. read more

Lichtplan gevel Bijenkorf Utrecht door Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

Facade Bijenkorf Utrecht

In the process of facelifting the Bijenkorf’s shops in Amsterdam, Utrecht en Rotterdam, the facade of Bijenkorf Utrecht has been transformed. read more

Beersnielsen lighting designers in Luminous

Luminous about Segers Rijksmuseum

Hercules Segers in the Rijksmuseum was a very special project to work on. His precious small drawings sometimes allowed only 40 lux. read more

Maritiem Icoon Den Helder_Beersnielsen

Maritime Icon in Den Helder

Last week during Sail Den Helder a small version of the 6 meter high double bolder has been hand over to the major of Den Helder. read more

Beersnielsen belicht kunst

Beschermengel, Isala Hospital in Zwolle

Herman Lamers is de artist of the ‘Beschermengel’, a statue situated in front of the Isala hospital in Zwolle. read more

Beersnielsen licht Zadkine uit

Maintenance Zadkine spot

Lighting the famous statue of Zadkine ‘verwoeste stad’ at Plein 1940 in Rotterdam is a specialized task. read more

Het Nieuwe Instituur_ The Surface_belicht door Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers

Designing the Surface Het Nieuwe Instituut

January 27th the exhibition ‘Designing the Surface’ opened in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. read more

Beersnielsen Lighting Designers Philips Campus

Movie Golden Light, Philips Lighting HQ

In addition to the photographs of the Golden Light project in the atrium of Philips Lighting HQ we also made a movie to show the effect of the golden light.

Beersnielsen Lighting designers cover Mondo Arc

Cover Mondo Arc

It’s always nice to start a new year on the cover of a magazine. read more

Beersnielsen Lighting Design Sationsplein in Den Helder

Testing at Stationsplein Den Helder

Last night was testing night in Den Helder. read more

Beersnielsen testing lighting design in port of Antwerp

Testing in port of Antwerp

The realization of some projects takes some time… sometimes several years … read more