Testing in port of Antwerp

The realization of some projects takes some time… sometimes several years … In 2013 we started working on the design of the lighting of the Deurganckdok Lock Beveren-Waas. A new lock in the harbor of Antwerp. The operation of the lock can soon be seen from far away. The level of the water in the lock will be indicated by 140 street lights with different lighting levels. A full lock stands for three lighting layers and when the water is very low, only one layer of lighting can be seen. A few weeks ago the system has been tested. We wanted to show you a sneak peek of this special project. Can’t wait to see the final result! Of course we will keep you informed.

You can find more information about the Deurganckdok Lock Beveren-Waas at our homepage.

Beersnielsen testing lighting design in port of Antwerp