Pillows Hotel, Amsterdam

Pillows Brasserielighting design Beersnielsen
PillowsVanoostrestaurant Lichtontwerp Beersnielsen
Pillows grand suiteBeersnielsen lighting design
PillowsPillows lichtontwerp Beersnielsen
Pillows Restaurantbeersnielsen lichtontwerpers
BrasserieBrasserie Pillows lichtontwerp
Hal PillowsLuminaires
TrappenhuisLighting design Pillows
Fitz Bar PillowsFitz Bar lighting design Beersnielsen
PillowsBeersnielsen licht ontwerpen
Louis Bolk Salon Pillows
Salon Pillows MauritsparkLichtontwerp Beersnielsen Pillows

After a long renovation and extension on the Oosterpark side, Pillows hotel has just opened its doors in November 2022. It is a luxurious hotel at Mauritskade, in the city center of Amsterdam

Beersnielsen was responsible for the lighting design of all interior spaces from hotel rooms (86 rooms) and monumental corridors to restaurants and spa. Shortly before the opening, Beersnielsen guided the aiming of all luminaires and fine-tuned the pre-set lighting scenarios which was a crucial step to achieve the intended look and feel.

Photo’s: Pillows hotel Amsterdam