Polakbuilding Erasmus University

The Polakbuilding at the Erasmus University Campus has been redesigned by Paul de Ruiter Architecten. This studio, known for sustainable architectural approach, designed both the exterior and the interior. Natural light is an important factor of this design. The central atrium widens at the top, so natural light even reaches the lowest stairs. Beersnielsen’s lighting design supports the daylight with a limited number of fixtures, which all have a direct beam.
Lighting calculations and daylight simulation were extensively conducted, as the building is under construction and therefore on-site testing was not possible. Also, the large glass surfaces of the roof and facades are a valuable light source during the day. The light plan takes this into account and makes sure the evening experience is as pleasant as during the day.

You can find more information, photos and drawings at Archdaily.

Photos taken by Eikelenboom and Laura M. Giurge