Random Studio, Amsterdam

Gatkowska Beersnielsen Random Studio

impression with daylight only

the lights switched onRandom Studio Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers
Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers Random Studio
belichting Random Beersnielsen
Gatkowska Beersnielsen lichtontwerp
Beersnielsen lichtontwerpers Random Studio

Random Studio is a design studio in Amsterdam that focuses on the use of technology to enhance our natural world. Their new sustainably built office, designed by X+L Architects, has an organic feeling through the use of a neutral colour palette, lush greenery and materials like wood, concrete and metal. The lighting design on one hand is flexible to suit the use of the space as a DIY office that is ever evolving. On the other hand, light fixtures seamlessly merge in to the interior design of the space. The natural feeling of the office is enhanced lighting the abundant plants in such a way that a carpet of leave shadows in created on the elevated floor.

Artist  Arnout Meijer created a light installation on one of the walls that reflects the behaviour of the sky, changing with the movement of the sun and weather.

Architect: X+L architects

Light art installation: Arnout Meijer

Photography: Kasia Gatkowska, Beernielsen