Rijksmuseum ‘Specials’, Amsterdam

Custom lighting solutions

Beersnielsen was also responsible for the design and detailing of custom lighting solutions for several special objects that individually took a lot of time, testing and care. A lot of effort was put in:

  • Developing the lighting racks for the two 17th century dollhouses, four evenings of trials en measuring resulted in the design of two racks with 27 custom made individually dimmable LED fixtures.
  • Finding the right LED candles to fit the fragile glass chandelier in the Kopskamer
  • Achieving the ‘daylight’ feeling in the Beuningkamer through the three big windows
  • Lighting the sensitive dresses more dramatically in the special collection
  • Finding the right materials and solutions for the backlighting of the medieval stained glass panels.

We also contributed, working closely in a team with Philips, Bronnenberg and Wilmotte, on the detailing of the chandeliers in the main hall and staircases and the fixtures for the reading tables in the library, making the lighting calculations and proposing the right diffuser material.

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