Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam shows exhibitions with modern and contemporary art and urban history. The museum has undergone a thorough renovation in which all technology that previously was in sight has now been placed out of sight, making the architecture visible again. The lighting design of the exhibition spaces consists of two components: diffused light and direct light. The first creates overall light from warm to cool white and can be dimmed per space segment accordingly. Secondly, spotlights are used to create highlights. As volunteers often help during installation, the light installation had to be easy to use. Wall displays with a clear interface, placed in each space, can be used to adjust the diffuse light. The spotlights on the other hand, have on board dimming and an easy way of manually change the beam angle, just by rotating the zoom lens. This gives enough flexibility to adjust the lighting to the desired atmosphere.  

Other spaces in the museum such as the education room, staircases and corridors also have new lighting.

Architect: Ronald Buïel – Soda

Photography: Beersnielsen