Stevns Klint Visitor Centre, Denmark

The new Stevns Klint visitor centre in Denmark is an UNESCO World heritage site, located at a beautifull cliff. In the visitor center you can see the exhibition that tells the story the traces of the catastrophe that spelled the doom of the dinosaurs. The dramatic mass extinction that occurred 66 million years ago will be shown and told in a simple storyline: life before the catastrophe, the catastrophe itself, and life after the catastrophe. 

Tinker has been chosen as the exhibition designer and they asked Beersnielsen for the lighting design. The visitor centre has been divided in two parts; the explore zone and the wonder zone. For both areas we are creating a lighting design. The wonder zone is characterized by a big dynamic diorama and the explore zone is more static, with a lot of exhibition boxes.

The museum will open during the summer of 2022.