Stevns Klint Visitor Centre, Denmark

Beersnielsen, lichtontwerpers, lighting design

Stevns Klint, situated along the southern coast of Denmark and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands out as a prime location worldwide for observing remnants of the asteroid that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the origins of humans. At the former lime quarry in Boesdal, the Stevns Klint Experience has been unveiled, shedding light on the mass extinction event 66 million years ago and showcasing the discovery of asteroid evidence in the cliffs. The exhibition is split into two sections.

Within the Wonder Zone, an immersive film unfolds the gripping narrative of the asteroid-triggered extinction and the subsequent survival of life on Earth. The film cleverly projects onto a massive cut-out of the cliff featuring the renowned Fish Clay layer. The lighting design in this area ensures that the space remains inviting during breaks in the screenings, with gobo projectors creating a gentle underwater ambiance that extends into the entrance hall, encouraging visitors to explore the room. Additionally, the cliff cut-out is highlighted to allow observers to marvel at its layers and intricate details between screenings.

The World Heritage Hall chronicles the story chronologically, offering visitors a playful, multi-sensory exploration into the scientific aspects. This interactive space encourages hands-on activities, allowing visitors to engage with the story in various ways. The lighting design strategically incorporates a play of dark and light, creating contrast to accentuate exhibition pieces and guide visitors through the space. Notably, the exhibition’s centerpiece, the Mosasaurus skeleton, takes the spotlight. A shadow play has been crafted at the entrance, showcasing not only the full silhouette of the skeleton but also an enlarged shadow of its head, proving to be a favorite among visitors.

Exhibition design: Tinker Imagineers
Architect: Praksis arkitekter
Photos: Mike Bink and Steen Gyldendal

Tinker Imagineers won the FX Awards 2023 in the category “Museum or exhibition space”