Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam

Theater Zuidplein is the new hotspot in Rotterdam Zuid. This area has been neglected for years and can use some new energy. So this new theater is not only a replacement for the old building, but a new center in the neighourhood. A library, theater, cafe restaurant have been merged under one roof and reinforce each other.

The building has been designed by De Zwarte Hond en has been developed and built as a Design Build Maintain task by Heijmans and Ballast Nedam.

Buro M2R was responsible for the interior of the central hallway. In a late stadium in the project Beersnielsen was hired to optimize the chosen brand luminares in the central hallway.

This central hallway should give a welcome feeling, like a living room. To achieve this welcome feeling, we changed the functional lighting into a graphic element. Besides that we emphasized the depth of the space by using contrasts and accents.