About us


Beersnielsen lighting designers is an experienced creative, flexible and independent lighting design firm founded by Sjoerd van Beers and Juliette Nielsen. Our work is wide-ranging in terms of type and scale. We design light for people, ranging from an urban scale for cities and public places to buildings and interior spaces. We are also trusted and credited for our experience in delivering lighting solutions for exclusive Fine Art and exhibitions. Our studio is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As independent consultants we work in close collaboration with our clients, architects, designers and engineers to strengthen the design vision and to enhance the experience and the quality of light.


Sustainable lighting is in our opinion meaningful lighting, which can only be realized through a careful design process in close collaboration with our client, the design team and the end users. The goal is to define and communicate the end result and to make sure that the right light is at the right place on the right time, taking into account the quality of light, esthetics, changing conditions in time, lifetime cycles, installation, ease of maintenance, costs efficiency, energy consumption and safety.

Independent and transparent

We are independent because we are not associated or limited to a specific supplier and we do not deliver or install fixtures. This insures that the product selection and design solutions are impartial and based solely on the needs of the project and the client. It thrives innovation by a free and constant exchange of our knowledge and experience to improve the end result.

Seeing is believing

Light is an experience. It is a quality that affects our mood, an atmosphere, the feeling of a place and it’s identity. It is hard to quantify. That’s why we believe it is important to run tests and make real mock-ups besides computer simulations. To see, feel and compare the effect of light before final installation. In our studio and on site. This enables us to convince and surprise ourselves and our clients in order to develop better projects (improve our projects, demonstrate our intentions).

Lighting design is for people, for beauty, for fun, for inspiration and enjoyment.

We get inspiration from the things that you can’t design by sitting in front of a computer. We are inspired by light and darkness, by reflections, sparkles and twinkles, temporary little miracles of beauty that can be lost and found in everyday life.

Who believes lighting design is all about LUX levels?

We don’t.

We love working with light and sharing our passion for light with people.

Besides Sjoerd van Beers and Juliette Nielsen (both Professional Members of the International Association of Lighting Designers) the Beersnielsen team also consists of the lighting designers Mieke van der Velden, Dieuwertje Vogt, Yessica Villalobos, Cristina Mordeglia and office manager Fenna Wessels.