Radome, Den Helder

One of the most remarkable items of the Marinemuseum in Den Helder is the Radome. This eyecatcher houses a powerful 3D-radar, which detects a lot of targets simultaneously, up tot a distance of 400 kilometers. The fact that the radar could measure not only the direction and distance but also the height of the object, was revolutionary at that time. The radome used to stand on the bridge of the Hr.Ms.De Ruyter, the flagship of the Dutch navy.

The Radome is part of the Lichtkansenkaart, a map wih lighting opportunities for Den Helder. For years Den Helder faces the challenge to turn around the pauperazation and depopulation of the city. At the moment one of the problems is that people are no longer proud of their city. By lighting some of the most special and beautiful buildings, Beersnielsen wants people to look at their city with new proud eyes. By projecting on the radome, not only the function of this item is visible at night, but it also becomes a recognizable landmark in Den Helder.

It was fun to work on this projection. Distance, the round object and the color of the projection were some challenges we had to face. We are proud at the end result. You can see it at Willemsoord in Den Helder.