Zaansafari, Zaanse Schans

Zaansafari (16 may – 31 october 2015)

An exciting booattrip is organized every other week from May to October, as part of the ‘Festival Industrie Cultuur Zaanstreek’. This evening trip takes passengers along buildings that belong to the region’s industrial heritage. The trip is a multi-sensory experience, as there is live music, tasting of several regional delicatessen and obviously a view on the buildings themselves. Beersnielsen made a lighting scheme, consisting of portable low-tech material, that easily illuminates all the relevant objects from the boat. At each object an enchanting spectacle was created by combining colour and water reflections. The Festival staff got supported during the first three editions by Beersnielsen lighting designers, after which they took care of the lighting themselves. 


Festival Industrie Cultuur